Get ready for a boost in online sales! Make sure your ecommerce website is ready!

Online sales are clearly taking over retail sales.  Honestly, I’ll miss the malls when they close.  I have a lot of memories shopping with family and friends.  It became a loved tradition.  But, at the same time, I understand how much easier it is to sit in your pajamas at one minute after midnight and order that Cyber Monday special without having to wait in long lines, just hoping they still have that special item in stock.

If you have a website that sells online, you need to be confident that it works well and efficiently.  Anything less means a loss in sales…which is the worst thing that can happen to an online retailer.  At Masterpiece Web Designs, we exclusively use WooCommerce as our selling platform.  It is the most used eCommerce platform, capturing over 32% of the eCommerce market. The closest competitor is the Magento platform at 18% of the market.

WooCommerce is very easily maintained.  Many clients can easily maintain their online shops (unless they are too busy selling products).  Masterpiece Web Designs includes training with all of the websites we build, so our clients can update their websites, if desired.

Search engine optimization is easily built in to each product you sell, so that your potential customers can easily find you.  Why have a website, if no one can search and find what you offer?

WooCommerce is a product of WordPress, so it runs on a WordPress platform.  WordPress websites account for over 67% of the current market share for website.  Its closest competitor is Joomla at 11%…so, WordPress really doesn’t have much competition when it comes to Content Management Systems (CMS).

And, here is one of the most important things to consider….a WordPress/WooCommerce site is owned by you.  What do you mean, don’t I own my website no matter what platform it’s built on?  No, no you don’t.  For instance Wix or Squarespace, not only limit you with the ‘theme’ you choose for your website, but they own your website.  If you ever leave, poof, there goes your website.  With WordPress/WooCommerce, you have control of your website. You own it!

These are just a few of the reasons we choose WordPress/WooCommerce.  We think it’s the best!  And we only want the best for our clients.