Google Ranking Criteria Has Changed Again

Google changes their algorithm or let’s say, rules, for what is most important in Google ranking criteria.  So, if you have a website you need to pay attention to this….it could very well affect your search engine ranking.

So what’s new?  As Google strives to give its users the most useful and usable results, it has added a quality UX or User Experience to its algorithm.  User Experience is just what it says it is…it’s how users experience your website. If you have a website, here are some questions you should ask yourself, or your website developer. Does your website flow smoothly? Is it too slow? Is the type too small? Is the website user friendly over all devices…such as your phone and your desktop? Is the website easy to navigate, so the user can find what they are looking for? Is the website secure….does it have an SSL certificate? Is your website free of viruses? Does your site have pop-ups? (Google doesn’t like those) Are your images optimized, so that they load quickly? Does your website come up within 2 seconds, or does it take longer? Is your hosting server fast? It’s really simple.  Google just wants to bring the best experience to its Search Customers. If I were Google, I would do the same.