Increase Websites Speed

This week we were able to increase websites speed of a website by 1000%.

Someone referred a potential client to Masterpiece Web Designs.  The client already had a website in progress, however, things were moving along slowly, so they asked if we could help and take over the hosting.

I ran a quick Google speed test on the site and realized that the site was in real trouble with a low speed.  Google will severely penalize a slow site, and if it gets too low, they won’t even allow you to run Adwords for the website.  This client’s score was an 8 of 100 on the desktop view.

So, we moved it over to one of our fast, secure servers, applied best practice optimization to the site, and were able to dramatically increase the speed.


If we had built the website from the start, we could’ve made it even faster, but we did what we could working with the current foundation of the site.

If your website is slow and you would like a boost in speed, we’d be happy to take a look and see what we can do!  Contact Us for a free assessment!