3 Top reasons SEO is important for your website

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is important for your website for the following very important reasons:


Increases website traffic  

With effective SEO built into your website, search engines, such as Google or Bing, will be able to easily find your website. If a customer is searching for your product or service, search engines can send them your way.


Website traffic is more valuable

Because your website is now identified with certain key words, when customers search online they are more likely to be customers in your targeted audience.


Saves money on organic searches

Because your website has been designed with best SEO practices, it will organically attracts the customers looking for your product/service.


These targeted results are well worth it because now you won’t have to spend as much money advertising to gain traffic.

Mobile SEO is critical

Search engines are now penalizing websites that are not mobile friendly.  In fact, all competitors that have mobile friendly websites will come up before your website, simply because they are mobile friendly.  If you are having to ‘pinch’ your website, when viewed on mobile, in order to read the text…your site is NOT mobile friendly.  With over 60% of customers viewing from their phones, that’s a lot of traffic you are missing.